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Life Fitness Equipment Mat - Small

Life Fitness Equipment Mat - Small
Life Fitness Equipment Mat - Small
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Life Fitness Equipment Mat - Small

Providing a secure footing for your equipment, this Life Fitness small equipment mat is perfect for a whole host of gym equipment. This protector mat has been designed to accommodate Life Fitness bikes as well as the GX Row from Life Fitness. That said, it's 2m length and 0.9m width will ensure it works with any other brands.

Why this Equipment Mat?

Regardless of your floor type, you should protect from equipment feet found on cardio equipment like bikes, rowers or treadmills. Life Fitness have designed this mat with some excellent features :

  • Small - 200cm x 90cm wide
  • Mesh weaving
  • Anti-slip coatings
  • Edge treatment to prevent curling
  • Easy to clean

Small Equipment Mat

Having just ordered that new spinning bike or rower, did you consider whether your floors will be protected from scratches or dents? Believe it or not so many people don't and regret their decision when they see what's left behind. For a relatively small investment, an equipment mat (also called a protector mat for obvious reasons) can sit below the feet of your fitness equipment protecting the floor.

As well as acting as an anti-slip mat and floor protector a quality protection mat will also help to insulate noise. This means as noise travels down to the feet or a rower or exercise bike, the mat will help to prevent this travelling through the floor and amplifying it. A quality mat will also be made to ensure no curling at the edges - a health and safety issue in a busy gym!

This mat excels in all these areas and we believe this is a sound investment for a small amount of money.

Key Features

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Suitable for hard or soft floors
  • Mesh weaving construction
  • Anti-slip coating
  • Edge treatment to prevent curling
  • Easy to clean


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