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Rowing Machines

Model: ERG600W Water Rower
Xterra ERG600W Water RowerProviding you with a total body workout that's also low impact exercising, the Xterra ERG600W water rower offers smooth and very efficient exercising for your home or studio. Using water for resistance, rather than air, means this feels more like a rower, especially when yo..
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Brand: inspire Model: Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L
Floor Protection Mats - S/M/LThese mats are manufactured with the sole purpose of helping protect your floors from gym equipment like treadmills, rowers, cross trainers or bikes. These floor protection mats are 6mm thick and made from PVC. They are also chemical resistant so easy to clean after use...
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Brand: Life Fitness Model: Life Fitness Row HX Rowing Machine
Life Fitness Row HX Rowing MachineWant to exercise at home with a low impact, total body piece of gym equipment? The Life Fitness Row HX trainer is the latest rowing machine to feature fluid technology resistance - or water to you and me. With a smooth rowing action and eye catching wooden frame, th..
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Model: Water Blue Dye for WaterRowers
Water Blue Dye for WaterRowersA simple addition that turns your WaterRower water blue. The Water Blue dye solution has been specifically formulated to provide it's own water purification for preventing slime or mould in the water tank. As a result, you must only add this to a non-chlorinated tank of..
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Model: WaterRower ANT+ Heart Rate Kit
WaterRower ANT+ Heart Rate KitThere's two different options for the ANT+ Heart Rate kit - Internal and External. For the internal option you will need to fit the 'board' inside the S4 monitor. It's easy to install and essentially eliminates the need for unsightly cables or external parts. This creat..
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Model: WaterRower Club Rowing Machine
WaterRower Club Rowing MachineThe WaterRower Club model is a two tone black and 'rose' coloured ash wood that was designed for 'high traffic areas' like gyms or studios. It's a great buy for keen home users that want to build up their cardio fitness and endurance. WaterRower designed their unique Wa..
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Model: WaterRower M1 Rowing Machine (Lo-Rise)
WaterRower M1 Rowing Machine (Lo-Rise)A 'sister' model to the Hi-Rise from WaterRower. This is the M1 Lo-Rise and is aptly named as the seating position is only  300mm/12" from the ground. Ideal for health clubs, fitness facilities, studios or home gyms the Lo-Rise M1 rowing..
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Model: WaterRower SmartRow Power Meter - High Tech Rowing Stats
WaterRower SmartRow Power Meter - High Tech Rowing StatsWant to really understand your performance on the WaterRower? The WaterRower SmartRow gives you high tech force, power and stroke length measurements - an essential upgrade to your rower for performance monitoring. Using Bluetooth to transmit t..
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