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4 Ball Wall Rack
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Model: 4 Ball Wall Rack
4 Ball Wall RackAn excellent storage solution, this 4 ball wall rack will help keep your gym tidy and stop your exercise balls rolling around on the floor. Suitable for all conventional gym ball sizes, the rack comes with the mountings for fixing and is finshed in a carbon silver paint colour.The 4 ..
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45cm Stability Ball 45cm Stability Ball
-24 %
Model: 45cm Stability Ball
45cm Stability BallOur new Physical Stability Balls are ideal for Rehabilitation, Kids, Aqua and Circuits. Sit on it, balance with it, throw it and catch it, even float with it! Exercise singularly, in pairs or teams. Manufactured from flexton®, a burst resistant material that has undergone static c..
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AmStaff Fitness Shaker Bottle
-13 %
Brand: AmStaff Model: 2 Storage Jars
The AmStaff Fitness Shaker Bottle with Storage jars is multifunctional and can hold up to 16 oz (500ml). Use the attachable jars and additional container that fits inside the jars to easily organize your powders and vitamins. Use them with or without the bottle. The AmStaff Fitness Shaker ..
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AmStaff Fitness Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle
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Brand: AmStaff Model: Steel Shaker
Made of high-quality stainless steel, The AmStaff Fitness Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle was designed to take with you anywhere and keep your drink ice cold. The built-in agitator will silently and effortlessly mix your drinks, making them clump-free. The AmStaff Fitness Stainless Steel Shaker ..
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Body Power Hook Lifting Straps
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Brand: Body Power Model: Power Hook Lifting Straps
This pair of heavy duty Hook Lifting Straps fight hand and arm fatigue by taking the pressure off your forearms during lifting sessions. Featuring simple hook and loop fastening with buckle, they couldn't be simpler to use and adjust to all users' needs. Thick materials provide comfort along with th..
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Pilates-MAD Align Pilates Studio Mat 10mm with Eyelets
Hot -18 %
Brand: Fitness-MAD Model: Align Pilates Studio Mat 10mm
The Align Pilates studio mat with eyelets perfectly balances size and weight to create excellent cushioning and memory, perfect for Pilates mat work classes!These mats are made from high quality TPE material which is 100% recyclable, water resistant and hygienic, whilst also being free-from PVC and ..
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Reebok Step
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Brand: Reebok Model: Reebok Step
Height adjustable from 15 – 25 cm, the Reebok Step can be easily adjusted to compliment your workout. The sturdy and durable Step features a rubber non-slip surface and gripped feet for a solid workout foundation.Compact in design, the Step is easy to stack and store...
$88.80 $99.00
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