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Gym Balls

Model: 3 Ball Storage Tree
3 Ball Storage TreePerfect for your home gym, small PT studio or gym, this is our self-assembly 3 ball storage tree. Designed to safely and securely hold up to 3 exercise or gym balls of varying sizes it will help keep your gym floor clear and stop balls from rolling away. Weighing in at 19kg, you a..
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4 Ball Wall Rack
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Model: 4 Ball Wall Rack
4 Ball Wall RackAn excellent storage solution, this 4 ball wall rack will help keep your gym tidy and stop your exercise balls rolling around on the floor. Suitable for all conventional gym ball sizes, the rack comes with the mountings for fixing and is finshed in a carbon silver paint colour.The 4 ..
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45cm Stability Ball 45cm Stability Ball
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Model: 45cm Stability Ball
45cm Stability BallOur new Physical Stability Balls are ideal for Rehabilitation, Kids, Aqua and Circuits. Sit on it, balance with it, throw it and catch it, even float with it! Exercise singularly, in pairs or teams. Manufactured from flexton®, a burst resistant material that has undergone static c..
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Model: 55cm Stability Ball
55cm Stability BallGreat for rehab and exercise, this 55cm stability ball allows you throw, catch, exercise on it, squat with it and use for ab work. It's made from flexton ® which is a burst resistant material and has been tested up to a user weight of 400kg. It's available in four colour-coded siz..
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Model: 75cm Pro Stability Ball
75cm Pro Stability BallOur new Pro Stability Balls are of gym quality and have an extra thick burst resistant walls, making them heavier and more resilient than standard Stability Balls. This 75cm ball is ideally suited for people over 6ft tall, and is great for weight training, Pilates or postural ..
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Model: 9 Stability Ball BOSU & Mat Storage Rack
9 Stability Ball BOSU & Mat Storage RackThere is nothing worse than swiss balls rolling around your gym floor or BOSU ballast balls cluttering things up. This redesigned 9 stability ball rack also holds BOSU Ballast Balls and wall balls and mats thanks to the 40cm side prongs. This means it can ..
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Model: Fit Ball Rack - Holds 6 balls
Fit Ball Rack - Holds 6 ballsAn excellent 6 Fit / Swiss ball rack, built and supplied by leading equipment supplier Jordans. Well made as you would expect, finished in silver and with caster wheels allowing some level of portability if needed. So ideal for a small gym, personal training studio or ho..
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