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Brand: Tunturi Model: TUN-17TSFB8000
Product details: Tunturi FB80 Flat Bench Max. user-weight - Tunturi FB80 Flat Bench: 150 kgDimensions set-up - Tunturi FB80 Flat Bench: (L) 127 cm x (W) 44 cm x (H) 48 cmFolded - Tunturi FB80 Flat Bench: (L) 127 cm x (W) 44 cm x (H) 19 cm..
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Brand: Tunturi Model: TUN-17TSUB2000
Product details: Tunturi UB20 Utility Bench Max. user-weight - Tunturi UB20 Utility Bench: 120 kgDimensions set-up - Tunturi UB20 Utility Bench: (L) 118.5 cm x (W) 98 cm x (H) 43.5 cm..
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Brand: Tunturi Model: TUN-17TSUB6000
Product details: Tunturi UB60 Utility Bench Model 2020 The model year describes the current model of the respective season beginning in autumn of previous year. The descriptions are not absolutely based upon a change in product or year of production. Multiple adjustable backrestHigh-quality upholst..
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Brand: Tunturi Model: TUN-17TSWB6000
Product details: Tunturi weight bench WB60 Backrest adjustable in four positions for incline and flat positionsStable construction with steel frame and powder coatingMaximum user weight of 150 kgAn adapter for 50mm plates is included in delivery, standard is 30mmMax. user-weight - Tunturi weight be..
Ex Tax:$329.00
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