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Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L

Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L
Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L
Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L
Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L
Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L
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  • Model: Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L
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Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L

These mats are manufactured with the sole purpose of helping protect your floors from gym equipment like treadmills, rowers, cross trainers or bikes. These floor protection mats are 6mm thick and made from PVC. They are also chemical resistant so easy to clean after use. Thanks to their sealed edges they don't fray and are less likely to curl up after prolonged use.

Using a mat to protect your floor and prevent scratches is a small price to pay. As well as preventing slippage, you also get the reduction of machine noise.

Key Features

  • Small - 90cm x 150cm
  • Medium - 100cm x 200cm
  • Large - 100cm x 250cm
  • Weighs - 2.5kg - 4kg
  • Sealed edges
  • Anti-Slip Mats
  • PVC - Chemical Resistant


Protective Equipment Mats

Having purchased cardio equipment for your home, you may want to ensure they don't damage your floors and also don't shift whilst you're using them or getting on or off. This range of small, medium and large protector machine mats are designed specifically to offer a cost-effective solution. With a 6mm thickness, widths of 90cm x 150cm (Small), 100cm x 200cm (Medium) and 100 x 250cm (large) they are perfect for everything from upright bikes to rowers and the largest of treadmills.

Why Choose a Protector Mat?

Not only can you protect your floors from scratching or denting, mats help prevent slip which makes your gym safer in the process. Finally, a useful additional benefit is the reduction of noise through vibration. Adding an insulating layer between the equipment and floor will help keep the ambient noise to a minimum making for a much more pleasant workout environment.

So useful for :

  • Preventing slip
  • Protecting floor from scratches and dents
  • Reduces noise from equipment vibration

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