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WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine
WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine
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  • Model: WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine
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WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

One of our most popular rowing machines, the WaterRower Natural gives you an unrivalled aerobic and muscular workout, whether you are at home or in the gym. Designed to simulate the smooth, flowing nature of a boat gliding through water, the Water Rower Natural rowing machine is a superb all-rounder and comes at a great price. This model will fit seamlessly into your home whether you're using it or storing it upright after a hard workout.

Choosing the Natural Waterrower

The Natural WaterRower is a rowing machine that will ensure you get a truly full body workout. It looks great, is practical and easy to store and exceptionally quiet to use. For the home or gym, based on it's price point it's great value and arguably more practical than the Concept2 with which it's often compared.

The Natural WaterRower

One thing you'll quickly realise with any WaterRower is the unique rowing experience you get when working out. The Water FlyWheel creates a wave-like sound that is soothing, mesmerizing and feels like the real thing - something air rowing machines can't! Rowing combines control, strength and stamina in one complete exercise, to help burn fat and strengthen your cardiovascular system. It also places very little impact or load on your joints, which makes it great if you are overweight, have joint issues or want to focus on a low impact - high intensity workout.

The WaterRower Natural comes with a 3 year parts and 5 year frame warranty*, so will very quickly prove to be a great investment for your health.

Why Choose the Natural?

  • Excellent 'low impact' workout for ALL major muscle groups
  • S4 Monitor has a 'QuickStart' and a range of basic to advanced options
  • Smooth and quiet rowing thanks to the WaterFlyWheel
  • Smooth, natural, self regulating means suitable for all
  • Looks stylish and is practical enough for any home
  • Simple to manoeuvre and easy to store
  • No running costs and long warranty available

*Warranty upgrade upon customer registration.

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