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WaterRower M1 Rowing Machine (Lo-Rise)

WaterRower M1 Rowing Machine (Lo-Rise)
WaterRower M1 Rowing Machine (Lo-Rise)
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  • Model: WaterRower M1 Rowing Machine (Lo-Rise)
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WaterRower M1 Rowing Machine (Lo-Rise)

A 'sister' model to the Hi-Rise from WaterRower. This is the M1 Lo-Rise and is aptly named as the seating position is only  300mm/12" from the ground. Ideal for health clubs, fitness facilities, studios or home gyms the Lo-Rise M1 rowing machine has a powder-coated aluminium frame and is tough, lightweight and very durable. WaterRowers require no power supply, so you can place them anywhere you want and just workout.

The M1 Lo-Rise S4 Console

The S4 performance monitor allows you to track your workouts, look at times for distances as well as calculate watts and KCals per hour, you will not find a piece of equipment that provides a more natural and rewarding workout.

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WaterRower M1 Low Rise

The water rower M1 low rise is incredibly easy to use and it makes almost no noise when you're using it. Its compact design and maintenance free usage make it great for gyms and healthclubs that want to offer rowing to their members. Engineered for commercial use, the dual rail design offers a smooth and fluid movement with every stroke. When not in use simply tilt it on its end to free up space on the floor.

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